Pangeran Jayakarta Baja

Besi IWF

PT.Prince Jayakarta Baja as one of the iron distributors in Jakarta offers quality iron specifically at WF-HBeam.  We are also a WF-HBeam iron distributor in Jakarta which provides the best WF-HBeam iron prices, fast delivery to Jakarta, Jabodetabek, Java, Sumatra, and throughout Indonesia.
As a WF-HBeam Iron Distributor in Jakarta, we (PT. Pangeran Jayakarta Baja) offer very competitive WF-HBeam iron prices. The price of WF-HBeam iron can differ depending on the quality of raw materials, precision factors, considerations, welded or intact joints and so on. The price of WF-HBeam iron that we offer for the needs of projects and party sales is cheaper than the price of WF-HBeam iron on the market as we focus on construction iron sales. To see the prices of WF iron, click on
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