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Selling Concrete Iron

Prince Jayakarta Steel Sell Concrete Iron, is a slender iron that is used as a concrete frame, so that the concrete becomes stronger and does not change easily. Before being used as a frame, concrete iron is strung together by connecting other concrete iron using wire. After that this frame is placed in a floating manner, so that later if the concrete mixture is poured in the concrete frame in the center of the concrete

Pangeran Jayakarta Steel Sell Concrete Iron which is distinguished in various sizes, for buildings that require stronger construction, usually using thicker iron concrete. If it is used in a residential house or not enough with a smaller size.

At this time you don't need to be confused anymore looking for quality iron concrete products, we provide various sizes of concrete iron that you need. In addition we also provide a deformed bar, to simplify your work process.

Iron concrete is an iron frame that is used to strengthen concrete structures in buildings. Iron concrete which is also called concrete steel or rebar in English adds to the flexural power of concrete, so it is resistant to static and dynamic loads. Without concrete iron, building concrete will be easier to crack when due to small shocks when the vehicle crosses it or is more easily broken during an earthquake.

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